Sports and health


"Merry starts" for freshmen are health, emotions and gifts!

On March 13, 2017, the Accounting and Finance Department of the Stavropol State University together with the Department of Physical Education and Sports held a traditional annual sports and mass event for first-year students.

Three teams of students fought for the title of the winner of "Merry Starts": "Beautiful People" (specialty "Economic Security"), "Sports" ("Accounting, Analysis and Audit") and "Financiers" ("Finance and Credit" .

Participants in sports battles showed their accuracy, dexterity, ability to own a ball, sports savvy. The guys received a lot of positive emotions, certificates of winners and, of course, sweet gifts. And the places according to the results of the competitions were distributed as follows: the "Best People" were recognized as undisputed leaders, the "Sports" team took the second place, and the "Financiers" climbed to the "bronze" place. 

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