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Health day with Student Sports Club “Kolos”

Student sports club "Kolos" gathered all those, who keep a healthy lifestyle, in Stavropol State Agrarian University on the traditional Health Day.

92 students, including 7 streetball teams, 7 volleyball teams took part in the sports competitions on April 6-7.

Medal places were distributed as follows.

Students of the Faculty of Agronomy were the best in streetball. The second and third places were taken by the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and the Faculty of Economic respectively.

The faculty of agrobiology and land resources was the best in volleyball. The silver went to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the third place was taken by the students of the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering.

The victory in individual all-around went to Ksenia Chernova (Faculty of Economics). Svetlana Nekhorosheva is in the 2nd place (Faculty of accounting and finance), the third went to Kristine Gataulina (Faculty of Electric Power Engineering).

Asirbayan Argen (1st place, Faculty of Agrobiology and Land Resources) and Asirbayan Khachik (2nd place, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) were the best in men’s individual all-around. The 3rd place went to Dmitry Samartsev (Faculty of hospitality and tourism).

Congratulations to all winners of both individual and team all-around!

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