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Студенты СтГАУ продумали проект по оптимизации системы водостоков в г. Ставрополе
Кафедрой менеджмента и управленческих технологий была проведена ежегодная вузовская олимпиада «Формирование проектного мышления», в которой приняли участие студенты – первокурсники экономического и электроэнергетического факультетов смогли прокачать свои компетенции в области проектной деятельности и командной работы.
SSGAU students became participants of the campaign to increase pension literacy
Improving financial literacy is a trend of modern times. Pension literacy, as well as financial literacy, is the key to a successful future. Therefore, it is important to tell young people about how to manage their finances rationally and approach the issue of pension savings wisely at a young age.
The All-Russian dictation in English will be held in the SSAU
On November 30, the Department of Foreign Languages of the SSAU, together with Kazan Federal University, is holding an All-Russian dictation in English. At the same time, the Dictation will be held in more than 500 organizations of higher, secondary vocational and general education. Everyone will take part in it.
The financial marathon "Happiness is not in money" united the first-year students of StGAU
A financial marathon "Happiness is not in money" among first-year students of the Accounting and Finance Faculty took place at the site of the "Abc of Money" Business School of the FoodNet Youth Technopark of the Stavropol State Agrarian University. The financial marathon is held for the seventh time. The organizer was the SFO "Financier".
Young scientists of the StGAU presented 32 projects at the regional scientific and practical conference "Innovative ideas of the youth of the Stavropol Territory - the development of the Russian economy"
The purpose of the "UMNIK" program is to support young scientists seeking to realize themselves through innovative activities, and to stimulate mass participation of young people in scientific, technical and innovative activities, as well as to encourage young scientists and specialists to create small innovative enterprises necessary for the commercialization of the results of scientific developments.
Stavropol SAU is ready to accept students from the Anthracite district for study
Sergey Nogin, Head of the Department of Youth Policy and Educational Activities of the Stavropol State Agrarian University, together with activists of the Stavropol local branch of the United Russia Party visited the Anthracite district of the LPR.
Participants of the acceleration program "Agro&InfraUP" were taught to calculate the indicators of economic efficiency of the project
Financial modeling is an important tool for planning a startup, allowing you to determine the feasibility of launching a project and attracting investment, the effectiveness of the company's activities, the correctness of the development strategy. The absence of an economic business model is fraught with negative consequences of varying severity — from unreasonable and unreasonable costs to the complete failure of the idea.
A project to study a new form of the Russian national currency – the digital ruble has reached the Finathlon Forum finals
Finathlon Forum is an international scientific and practical conference of young scientists and specialists on sustainable development, investment and financial risks. Students and teachers of the Accounting and Finance Faculty presented their projects at the Finathlon Forum.
The latest generation of software has been installed in the SSAU, which will allow identifying differences in the socio-economic development of rural areas
The software was installed by specialists from the Higher School of Economics within the framework of the signed cooperation agreement with the Stavropol State University. In the modern world, geoinformation systems (GIS) are becoming an important tool for identifying differences in the socio-economic development of rural areas, assessing its level and predicting trends, as well as managing rural development at both the federal and regional levels.
78 of the best schoolchildren of the Stavropol Territory have started training in the Stavropol State Agrarian University
The profile agricultural shift "We are the owners of the land" is part of the career guidance work, the preparatory stage for the Gathering of student production teams, which traditionally takes place every summer. The shift brought together students of 9, 10 and 11 grades of educational organizations of the Stavropol Territory. Within seven days, the students will get acquainted with innovative technologies in the agricultural sector of the region, will take part in research at the faculties of the university.
Students of the Economics Faculty will be able to upgrade their management skills in the leading IT company "SKB Kontur"
As part of the "Manager's Week", the Stavropol State Agrarian University signed a cooperation agreement with the Stavropol branch of the IT company "SKB Kontur".
Stavropol GAU joined the patriotic project "Knowledge about heroes"
As part of the project, students were able to learn firsthand about the course of a special military operation, the exploits of heroes and the work of the rear. The participants of the SVO, volunteers, and doctors spoke to the audience. The main goal is to rally the people of Russia around eternal values: courage, love for the Motherland, heroism, bravery and loyalty to the Fatherland.
The creation of a single trading space for the exchange of breeding genetic resources was discussed at the Eurasian Economic Commission meeting
Pedigree dairy cattle breeding is one of the most important priorities in the development of the gene pool of domestic dairy cattle breeds.
Happy National Unity Day!
Congratulations to Vladimir Sitnikov, Acting Rector of Stavropol State Agrarian University.
Students will learn the principles of cadastral and land surveying work using modern equipment
As part of the "Priority-2030" project, the Department of Land Management and Cadastre has purchased new equipment - geodetic satellite equipment EFTM4 GNSS. The device is designed for determination of coordinates and lengths of bases in cadastre and land surveying works, creation of ground control and engineering-geodetic surveys in the geodetic monitoring system.
Zootechnicians from SSAU studied reproductive technology at the All-Russian Research Institute for Animal Breeding experimental station
Students of Stavropol State Agrarian University in their fourth year of zootechnics visited the All-Russian Research Institute for Animal Breeding experimental station in the village of Tsimlyansky, Shpakovsky district, last week. The students were given lectures on imported beef sheep breeds and modern methods of efficient flock reproduction.
SSAU will prepare specialists for the Federal State Statistics Service
The Stavropol State Agrarian University and the Department of the Federal State Statistics Service in the North Caucasus Federal District have signed an agreement to establish a basic department at the university to train specialists for the needs of the North Caucasus State Statistics Service.
Students presented projects on vegetable milk market research, with proposals for the development of production in the Stavropol region
The project session "Marketing tools in the digital realities of agribusiness" was held at the Faculty of Economics on the eve of the Marketers' Day. The event presented the results of the students' project work on in-depth analysis of markets and development of strategic marketing solutions for their development.
National Unity Day at the Stavropol State Agrarian University
Photo report from the bright holiday Day of National Unity.
SSAU will cooperate with Rosatom State Corporation
The director of Rosatom's Southern Federal District office, Pavel Khotsenko, and the acting rector of the Stavropol State Agricultural University agreed on cooperation in the field of additive technologies, alternative energy, and the prospects of creating a specialised research and practice centre on the basis of the university.

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