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The first among financiers


The students of the SSAU took prizes in several All-Russian Olympiads on financial literacy.

Students of the Accounting and Finance Faculty Yana Logacheva, Ekaterina Remez, Ekaterina Dubovich and Liliana Gevorgyan showed their knowledge in the field of finance at the All-Russian Olympiads and won prizes. The scientific supervisor of the students was Yulia Sklyarova, Head of the Department of Financial Management and Banking, Doctor of Economics, Professor of the SSAU.

– Participation in the All–Russian Olympiad on Financial Literacy is, first of all, a valuable experience, a test of one's strength, new knowledge and interesting acquaintances. The winners are the strongest, but each participant acquires the knowledge necessary not only in the profession of a financier, but also in life – after all, we live in a market economy and are consumers of goods and services, – Yulia Sklyarova, Head of the Department of Financial Management and Banking, Doctor of Economics, Professor of SSAU.

The student volunteer group "Financier", consisting of 37 volunteers from among the students of the Accounting and Finance Faculty, is actively active at the university. The main activity of the detachment is to increase the financial literacy of young people in schools, orphanages, colleges and universities of the Stavropol Territory through thematic classes, business games, trainings, master classes, quests and financial tournaments, as well as consulting assistance to young people in the field of financial education.

The volunteers of the Financier detachment are implementing several projects: a tournament on board games "Happiness is not in money" and "In the footsteps of monopoly"; a walking quest "Be friends with Finance", a hackathon game "Money works", a quest game "Financial Stars", a youth game "FingramKiViN", an intellectual game "What? Where? When? in the world of Finance", an educational and entertaining game for elementary school students "Journey into the world of finance" and many others.

In 2020, the SSAU launched master classes on the use of remote financial services and services for citizens of the "silver age" and educational events for employees of organizations in the workplace. In the conditions of the pandemic, the work did not stop, but on the contrary received a new vector of development thanks to the remote format. Since March 2020, projects have been implemented: a marathon webinar "Financial Genius" with elements of a master class for students of vocational education and training seminars "Improving the financial literacy of employees of enterprises" in the format of webinars and mentoring in messengers.

Since 2022, new horizons in the field of financial education are opening up for students of the Agrarian University due to the inclusion in the basic part of the curricula of most of the main educational programs of the discipline "Financial Literacy" in order to master universal competence in the field of economic culture, including financial literacy. The principal feature of the new training course will be its practical orientation, obtaining knowledge and skills "for life". 

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