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Future economists and electric power engineers fought in an IT battle on digital technologies in the agro-industrial complex


Teachers of the Department of Information Systems conducted an interfaculty IT battle with students of the economic and electric power faculties as part of an interactive lesson on digital technologies in the agro-industrial complex.

The participants discussed the main directions of modernization and development of digital technologies at the present stage of informatization of production processes in the agro-industrial complex.At the beginning of the lesson, the head of the department Alexey Khabarov gave a brief pitch lecture on the main aspects of the transformation of information systems and technologies in the agro-industrial complex, justified the priorities for improving the identified IT problems.

Under the guidance of Professor of the Department Alexander Shuvaev and associate professors Anna Ermakova and Svetlana Bogdanova, an interactive discussion competition of students on theoretical and applied issues of the formation of the digital environment in the agro-industrial complex was organized.

To consolidate the material, students passed a blitz test on digital technologies in the agro-industrial complex.

Following the results of the IT battle, the most active students of the engineering areas of training "Information systems and Technologies" and "Electric Power and Electrical Engineering" were awarded diplomas of the winners of the I, II, III degrees and prize awards.

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