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In the last days of December, the Stavropol State Agrarian University gathered its beloved veterans for the celebration of the "Blue Light"


Nikolai Gavrilovich Guzynin, Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the University and host of the Blue Light, shares his impressions of the event:

In the most comfortable and pleasant corner of our university, where even a unique piece of subtropical nature is presented, for the eleventh time 59 war children and labor veterans have gathered for the Blue Light in connection with the upcoming New Year 2023.

There was a long-awaited meeting of veterans who missed each other. At the meeting, their faces were lit up with a smile of genuine joy from the opportunity to talk about the past and present with such close colleagues. The veterans of the university had a rare opportunity to get away from everyday worries and problems, at least temporarily, resting their body and soul from them.

At the beginning of the Blue Light, the main symbols of the New Year's celebrations - Father Frost and the Snow Maiden - pronounced New Year's greetings on a high note of pathos. After that, the veterans were congratulated by the Acting Rector of SSAU Vladimir Sitnikov, who expressed his best wishes and deep confidence in the need to transform the university to all the participants of the Blue Light.

For the first time, the event, unfortunately, was not attended by war veterans and home front workers. The children of the war and labor veterans who spoke deeply emotionally and sincerely expressed the innermost desires of all those present in the affirmation in 2023 of the values of health, kindness, peace, family happiness and creative success. Many people thanked the administration of the university, the council of veterans and the trade union committee of the university employees for their close attention to veterans and for providing them with constant social and charitable assistance.

The whole event was accompanied by bright, exciting and incendiary performances by the "People's Choir" and the vocal studios of the Center for Aesthetic Education, which operates thanks to the skillful professional guidance of Valery Korotkov, Ivan Maklakov and Anton Ermoshkin.

All participants of this wonderful event received a great charge of joy and optimistic energy, which can at least partially help them overcome difficulties and problems on their life path in the upcoming 2023.

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