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Stavropol Agrarian University once again in priority


The official website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation has published an official release on the results of the selection of universities for the Priority 2030 program.

Stavropol State Agrarian University successfully defended the results of its work on the implementation of its Agroinnopolis 2030 project and became one of the universities that will continue to participate in the program.

Over the past period, thanks to the "Priority 2030" Stavropol State Agrarian University managed to:

– increase the number of students in additional education programs by 3.8 times;

– increase the share of foreign students by 30%;

– launch 3 strategic projects: in the field of selection and nursery of fruit and berry crops; selection and genetics in animal husbandry and integrated development of rural areas.

In these areas, the university has achieved the following results:

– The technology of virus-free planting material has been mastered. 9,000 seedlings of berry and fruit crops have been grown microclonally. New educational programs in this area have been developed and launched.

– 3 laboratories in the field of animal husbandry have been created, thanks to which the number of cattle in the region is being audited in terms of assessing phenotypes, genotypes and assessing the quality of milk. This will bring regional selection and breeding work to a completely new qualitative level. 11 programs for retraining specialists in the field of livestock breeding have been developed.

– Large-scale socio-economic studies of the state of development of rural areas of the region are underway under the program for the development of rural areas. The development of standards for the quality of life of the rural population and a sociological study of the level of satisfaction of the rural population of the region are being carried out. Development of tourist routes and the formation of a differentiated list of alternative types of employment in the countryside.

“For Russian universities, the Priority 2030 federal program is not just a grant project, it is an opportunity to completely transform an institution and bring science and the educational process to a new qualitative level. Thanks to the project, we have already achieved great results. The fact that the Stavropol State Agrarian University remained in the program and retained funding indicates that we are moving in the right direction. Based on the results of the past period, we will slightly adjust our program. Let's concentrate our efforts on our 3 strategic directions. As a result, we plan to obtain new high-yielding varieties of fruit and berry crops, a sufficient volume of healthy seedlings and comprehensive package solutions for their care for business. We will provide livestock breeders with technologies and qualified specialists that will allow them to manage the genotypic and phenotypic characteristics of the herd and increase the profitability of animal husbandry. For the agro-industrial complex, a geographic information system “Rural Territories of the Region” and a scientifically based strategy for the development of municipal districts of the Stavropol Territory will be created. All the efforts of our university are focused on offering the region and the regional agro-industrial complex a solution to the problems of import substitution and the training of competent specialists,” – Acting Rector Vladimir Sitnikov outlined the prospects for the implementation of the Priority 2030 program by the Stavropol Agrarian University.

Official release of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation: [[https://priority2030.ru/news/itogi-otbora-po-programme-prio]]

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