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Together - we are force!


At the solemn administration, the executive secretary of the Stavropol local branch of the United Russia Party, Alexei Zimin, presented SSAU students with personal letters of thanks.

The guys were awarded for their active citizenship, participation in the organization of a humanitarian aid reception center for refugees from the LPR and DPR, for assistance in collecting the formation and sending of humanitarian cargo, as well as for conscientious work as part of the team of the Stavropol Defense Ministry of the United Russia Party.

“We are rewarding four guys who got involved to the maximum in the creation of a regional logistics center, through which more than 1,000 tons of humanitarian cargo for refugees of the LDNR and more than 90 tons passed under the “Soldier's Rest” campaign for soldiers. For us, this is statistics, and for them, it is a burden that fell on their backs,” – Aleksey Eduardovich Zimin, executive secretary of the Stavropol local branch of the Party of the department for ensuring the activities of local branches of the Party; Deputy of the Stavropol City Duma of the eighth convocation, member of the United Russia faction; member of the Local Political Council of the Stavropol local branch of the Party, Secretary of the primary branch of the Party in Stavropol.

Were awarded:

Sologub Ulyana Yurievna - 4th year student of the Faculty of Economics;

Kuchina Victoria Nikolaevna - 1st year student of the Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture;

Gishyan Armenak Gagikovich - 3rd year student of the Faculty of Economics;

Silionov Aleksey Dmitrievich – 3rd year student of the Faculty of Economics.

10 primary branches of the party in Stavropol are headed by our students and employees, and the work of the largest "primary" branch in the city is supervised by Professor Alexander Nikolayevich Esaulko.

On the basis of our university, the headquarters of the Federal Movement #WeTogether is organized, which coordinates activities to help military personnel and their families, and humanitarian aid is sent from the university on a regular basis.

Also, 33 SSAU students, whose parents take part in the military special operation, were transferred from a commercial form of education to a budget one.

Earlier, students organized a fundraiser to help the Grom special forces unit and sent camping stoves and gas cylinders: [[http://www.stgau.ru/news/news_detail.php?ID=239815]]

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