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Student of SSAU joined the Council for organizing the activities of student groups


At the Association of Educational Institutions of the AIC and Fisheries, it was decided to create a Council for organizing the activities of student groups of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, which included a student of the accounting and financial faculty Alena Devyataikina.

The Council included representatives of the Association "Agroobrazovanie", IOOO "Russian Student Teams", OMOO "Russian Union of Rural Youth", Perm, Altai, Stavropol, Kuban, Bashkir, Vologda agricultural universities of Russia.

SSAU was represented by Alena Devyataykina, a 5th year student of the Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Commander of the Headquarters of the student teams "Agrarian", commissioner of the student pedagogical team "Dream", specialist in working with youth of the department of educational activities and support of student initiatives.

“Having worked for 5 years in Russian student teams, I have always been interested in their development and have proven myself well within the walls of our university. When the decision to establish the Council was announced, my colleagues and management and I conferred and decided to nominate my candidacy. Confirmation came very soon, which means that we will continue to keep the brand of the leading university in organizing the activities of student teams and will be aware of all events from the very beginning”, – Alena Devyataikina shared.

Vladislav Andreevich Osipov, deputy chairman of the student self-government of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education of the Altai State Agrarian University, was appointed chairman of the council, Aleksey Alexandrovich Blyumin, head of the direction of the NARS of the RSO, was appointed deputy chairman.

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