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Meeting of teachers and masters of the faculty of agrobiology and land resources with representatives of the agricultural holding “Energomera”


Today, progress does not stand still and programs and applications have been developed to help agricultural producers that are able to monitor the condition of the field, determine plant diseases, give recommendations on the need to use plant protection products, use fertilizers, calculate the area, fertilizer application rates and much more.

At the initiative of the Dean of the Faculty, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences Esaulko Alexander Nikolaevich, a meeting was held between teachers and masters of the Faculty of Agrobiology and Land Resources with representatives of the Energomera agricultural holding, graduates of the faculty Vladimir Yuryevich Malochkin, a specialist in supporting automated information systems, and Murat Berdovich Ekzekov, head of the department for monitoring production processes JSC Agroholding Energomera. The meeting was devoted to the training under the program “Agronomist’s Mobile Place”.

Topic of the lesson: “Training to work in the interface”. This program is a software product consisting of a mobile part and an online guide for agronomists, which contains a database of pests, weeds, a catalog of diseases and all registered pesticides in the country. Easily identify weeds, diseases and insects or pests and check which plant protection product will help the agronomist solve agricultural problems and increase yields while spending less on pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

With the help of the program applications, you can remotely monitor the state of the field, evaluate the timeliness of work, determine diseases and the condition of plants from a photo, and also allows you to create an electronic outline of each field with a history of agrotechnical measures and further monitoring of crop rotation fields.

With the help of tablets, the students entered the system, determined the desired field of the training and experimental farm, and learned how to make observations and compile reports to control the quality of sowing. 

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