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Portfolio presentation as part of the competitive selection for a nominal scholarship of Rosselkhozbank


On the basis of the Business School “Azbuka deneg” of the youth technopark “SmartAgro” of Stavropol State Agrarian University and the Laboratory of Banking Technologies and Analytics, future farmers presented their portfolios as part of the competitive selection for a nominal scholarship of Rosselkhozbank. The scholarship program of Rosselkhozbank is a flagship educational a project under which students of higher educational institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation have the opportunity to receive a monthly scholarship in the amount of 12,500 rubles throughout the academic year.

The scholarship program of Rosselkhozbank is an unprecedented and unique project in which 54 universities are involved, the number of participants in which is 388 people. The main goal of the Scholarship Program is to financially support talented youth, create conditions for effective student learning, as well as develop and strengthen partnerships with industry universities.

Students of all faculties of Stavropol State Agrarian University presented their projects to receive a scholarship from the strategic partner of the university - the regional branch of Rosselkhozbank, among them:

Ivan Yurievich Vdovydchenko (Agronomy 35.03.04)

Linara Enverovna Mazinova (Agroengineering 35.04.06)

Ekaterina Igorevna Manaenko (Agroengineering 35.04.06)

Dmitry Sergeevich Cherkashin (Economic security 38.05.01)

Yulia Alekseevna Amelchenko (Economics 38.03.01)

Ekaterina Sergeevna Erokhina (Economics 38.03.01)

Sofia Yurievna Chechelova (Economics 38.03.01)

Inal Alekseevich Efendiev (Regional sectoral economics 5.2.3.)

Maxim Igorevich Karagichev (Technologies and means of mechanization in agriculture 5.20.01)

The jury was headed by:

- Acting Vice-Rector for Educational, Educational Work and Youth Policy, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Stavropol State Agrarian University Ivan Vyacheslavovich Atanov;

- Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Head of the Department of Management Accounting, Doctor of Economics, Professor Elena Ivanovna Kostyukova;

- Deputy Director of the retail business block of Rosselkhozbank Larisa Sergeevna Khudyakova;

- Albina Ivanovna Petrovskaya, Deputy Director of the Support and Expertise Unit of Rosselkhozbank;

- Vera Fedorovna Shapovalova, Head of the Human Resources Department of Rosselkhozbank;

- Head of the Department of “Financial Management and Banking”, Doctor of Economics, Professor Yulia Mikhailovna Sklyarova;

- coordinator of university scholarship programs, candidate of economic sciences, associate professor of the department of statistics and econometrics Stanislav Aleksandrovich Molchanenko.

As part of the presentation of the project, each of the students demonstrated high results of extracurricular activities, spoke about professional achievements, about the implementation of their own projects and participation in events of regional and federal scale.

The Bank’s experience in implementing the scholarship program shows the significant role of supporting talented students and forming a reserve of personnel for the agro-industrial complex from among the most successful students. 

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