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Round table “We are against terror and extremism”


A round table “We are against terror and extremism” was held at Stavropol State Agrarian University. Students representing the multi-ethno-confessional youth environment actively participated in the discussion of issues. Positioning their active civic position, patriotic opinions were expressed in the fight against terrorism and extremism. Serious attention was paid to terrorist acts that bring massive human casualties; destroy material and spiritual values ​​that cannot be restored; sow enmity between states and peoples; provoke wars.

The teaching staff of the Department of Philosophy and History, headed by the head of the department, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Evgeny Vasilyevich Tufanov, associate professors, Candidate of Historical Sciences Inna Nikolaevna Karpenko, Candidate of Historical Sciences Olga Nikolaevna Shmatko and Head of the Department for Educational Work and Social Affairs Tatyana Ivanovna Gunko organized a discussion of topical political issues, such as:

- Terrorism and extremism: a threat to peace.

- Political terrorism.

- International terrorism.

- Methods of combating terrorism and extremism.

- Basic principles of countering terrorism.

Extremism can turn the entire society into a victim! Terrorism is violence containing the threat of another, more brutal violence in order to cause panic, instill fear, destroy the state order, force the enemy to make the desired decision.

Discussion of these issues at a meeting with student youth led to a lively discussion. 

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