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Lecture for students “Practice. Internship. Employment” together with the strategic partner of SSAU


On the basis of “Azbuka deneg” business school of the SmartAgro youth technopark of Stavropol State Agrarian University, an open lecture was held on the topic “Practice. Internship. Employment” together with PJSC Sberbank. Stavropol State Agrarian University and PJSC Sberbank have long-term warm friendly relations. Many students and graduates work in their specialty in different branches of the bank, occupy leading positions.

The event was moderated by the Head of the Department of Financial Management and Banking, Doctor of Economics, Professor Yulia Mikhailovna Sklyarova, Head of the Sales Sector for Small Business Clients of Sberbank Vitaly Viktorovich Piven, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management and Banking Lyudmila Anatolyevna Latyshev.

Yulia Mikhailovna Sklyarova spoke about the creation of Career Centers with Sberbank for interaction with the corporate university, about new formats of interaction with employers: mentoring, mentoring, networking and implementing interaction through the basic departments of enterprises and organizations, as well as about professional tracks and professional orientation through the implementation of grants and scholarship programs.

In the digital economy, the necessary competencies (competence framework), such as problem solving, result management, innovation, emotional intelligence, digital analysis technologies, risk hedging. Harvard University research shows that Soft skills and digital are 85% of success.

Vitaly Viktorovich Piven, Head of Sales to Small Business Customers at Sberbank, spoke about the paid internship program for SBER SEASONS students. The goals of this program are:

- “to grow” cool young professionals for the team or form a talent pool

- to get a new vision and fresh ideas on current projects

- to upgrade the leadership skills of team members (Mentors)

- to form the HR brand of the division.

Vitaliy Viktorovich also spoke about the target audience of SBER SEASONS, the time plan of the autumn wave, the stages of the program and the selection of candidates.

Students learned an expert opinion on the challenges of digitalization, how technologies will develop in the near future, what skills and knowledge will be in demand in the labor market in the next decade.

Successful cooperation between Stavropol State Agrarian University and PJSC Sberbank has been going on for more than one year. This plays a huge role in the training of highly qualified specialists. 

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