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Master class “Research in a startup project: problem, solution, users”


Stavropol State Agrarian University is actively working within the Agro&InfraUP acceleration program. This is a unique project, for the implementation of which the team of our university won a multimillion-dollar grant from the ANO Platform of the National Technology Initiative. The Agro & InfraUP program is designed to provide university project teams with methodological and expert support for fruitful work.

As part of the Acceleration Program, a master class “Research in a startup project: problem, solution, users” was held on the basis of Stavropol State Agrarian University. The speakers were: an expert on technological projects, an individual entrepreneur Artem Marshalkin and the head of the consumer expectations monitoring department of the Strategic Development and Project Activities Department of SSAU, Ph.D. social Sciences, Associate Professor Valentina Ivashova.

Contents: Formulation and testing of hypotheses. Study planning using the HADI cycle. Problem interview. AS IS and TO BE scenarios. More than 200 people take part in the accelerator, in 51 teams.

For start-ups, market research sets the rules of the game. This preparatory stage directs development in the right direction, so the future of the project depends on it. To launch your own startup, you should start with a market analysis. This is exactly what the speakers told the participants of the master class.

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