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Students of the Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education took part in the youth action “Marathon of Friendship”


On the territory of Komsomolskoye Lake, a youth action “Marathon of Friendship” was held, organized by the government of Stavropol and the Youth Ethnic Council of the region. The action was carried out with the aim of forming a healthy lifestyle and strengthening interethnic harmony among the youth of the Stavropol Territory.

12 teams took part in the event.

Youth welcomed:

- Alexander Voiskovoi - Head of the Youth Policy Department of the Stavropol Territory Government Office;

- Malik Kimbarov - Chairman of the Youth Ethnic Council of the Stavropol Territory.

Students of secondary vocational educational organizations competed in various sports: running, jumping, basketball, tug of war, arm wrestling, exercises on uneven bars and crossbar.

Students of the Faculty of Secondary Professional Stavropol State Agrarian University:

- Mastepanenko Nikolay - 1st year student, group 22EL-9-1,

- Danil Kunikin - 1st year student, group 22ERSHTO-9-2,

- Stepanyan Rachik - 3rd year student, group 20ISIP-9-1,

- Tretyakova Ekaterina - 3rd year student, group 20GD-9-1,

- Karablinova Maria - 2nd year student, group 21EBU-9-1, showed excellent results.

The students were accompanied by Anzhelika Gennadievna Alyabyeva. For participation, the team of the FSF of the Stavropol State Agrarian University was awarded a diploma.

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