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Three hundred students of Stavropol State Agrarian University took part in the All-Russian economic dictation


Traditionally, in October, in all regions of our country, the all-Russian educational campaign “All-Russian Economic Dictation” is held in offline and online formats. The topic of the Economic Dictation 2022 is “Strong Economy – Prosperous Russia!”. The dictation was organized by the Free Economic Society of Russia (VEO of Russia) with the participation of the International Union of Economists (ITU). Action partners: Yuri Luzhkov Foundation, Russian Historical Society, Moscow Aviation Institute, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and other leading universities in Russia, administrations of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The campaign was first held in 2017 and since then has significantly increased the geography and number of participants. For many, writing the Economic Dictation in October has already become a good tradition. Last year, more than 211 thousand people from 85 regions of Russia and neighboring countries took part in the action.

In 2022, 300 students of higher and secondary vocational education wrote a dictation at Stavropol State Agrarian University.

The main goal of the Economic Dictation is educational: to arouse interest in economic science and the current economic agenda, to show that economic knowledge is necessary for everyone to make daily decisions.

The economic dictation is devoted to the issues of the economic history of our country, memorable historical and economic dates, as well as the main modern economic processes and those practical issues of economic life that each of us faces.

All those who have written the Economic Dictation are given a certificate of participation in the action. Participants who score 85 points or more are winners and are awarded a diploma of the winner of the All-Russian Economic Dictation.

Every year, based on the results of the All-Russian Economic Dictation, an analytical report is compiled, according to which one can judge the level of economic literacy of the population as a whole, as well as for individual regions of Russia. In addition, practical recommendations are being developed on what aspects should be taken into account in economic education.

The works were sent to Moscow, where they will be evaluated by an expert council. The results will be available on the VEO website until October 31, 2022.

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