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Congratulations on the 90th anniversary of the senior lecturer of the Department of Labor Protection Valentina Ivanovna Gruzdova


On November 22, Valentina Ivanovna Gruzdova, senior lecturer of the Department of Labor Protection, turned 90 years old. Valentina Ivanovna from 1974 to 1994 worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of Labor Protection.

Students and teachers of the electrical power faculty with a feeling of deep respect, sincere love and adoration congratulated Valentina Ivanovna on her next anniversary:

- We are proud, we appreciate, we admire! I wish you health, well-being and creative longevity!

Colleagues and students joined the wishes of the hero of the day on this day.

- Dear Valentina Ivanovna! Please accept my most sincere congratulations on your anniversary, good health and longevity to you!

The invariable admiration is caused by amazing hard work, dedication to what you love, which persist even after the end of active teaching. About the organizational talent of V.I. Gruzdova speaks of guidelines published under her leadership, books, collective monographs and scientific journals. Numerous scientific conferences held on her initiative, advanced training of agricultural specialists and round tables.

Now, having behind us the experience of working at a university, we understand what colossal energy and virtuosity in management is hidden in this person!

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