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SSAU students learned how to make a good impression on any client


At the boiling point of the Stavropol State Agrarian University held a training "Sincere service and hospitality" for students of the training program "Service and tourism".

Leading speaker Ekaterina Volodina, head of «QA Hotel Service», spoke about how service, which consists of many subtleties, affects business performance. Students received answers to important questions for them: How should an employee and his workplace look like? How to greet a guest? How should you communicate with colleagues and clients? The audience also learned to understand the phrases of hospitality and learned how to get out of difficult situations using the example of the staff of well-known representatives of the hotel and restaurant business.

- Now the market has changed, the international guest has disappeared, so it is necessary to refocus on the domestic tourist. I advise young professionals to develop their competencies at home, in the Stavropol Territory, where you are loved and expected. I know from experience that there are very good prospects for development in the service sector, if you do your job efficiently and professionally, - Ekaterina Volodina, Leading Speaker of the training "Sincere Service and Hospitality".

– I have attended trainings and webinars from «QA Hotel Service» before and I love them for conveying information with examples and in simple language. I have already tried my hand at working in the service sector at the hotel and I plan to develop in this direction, so in the future I will attend such informative and useful events, - Maria Khmelevskaya, student of the training program «Service and Tourism». 

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