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Young Timiryazevists presented the results of their research in Pyatigorsk


At the invitation of the Administration of Education of the Administration of Pyatigorsk and the Pyatigorsk Station of Young Naturalists, Associate Professor Olga Yuryevna Lobankova became a member of the jury of the VII Regional Ecological Scientific and Practical Conference of Schoolchildren "Young Timiryazevists" held at school No. 17. The goal of the conference is to attract students to practical activities in the field economic activities that promote labor education and the development of the cognitive interest of younger schoolchildren in experimental and research activities, th-biological entity.

In the form of project protection and demonstration exposition, the achievements of schoolchildren in the nominations “My Champion”, “Kunstkamera”, “Choose to Taste”, “Overseas Miracle”, “Yourself an Agronomist”, “The Kingdom of Flowers”, “My Beasts”, “Visiting Berendey","Green Pharmacy","In the world of nature". 92 participants represented the cities of Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Mineralnye Vody, Essentuki, Georgiyevsk, Zheleznovodsk.

All the works presented, and they were devoted to the study of hot peppers, and the acclimatization of many varieties of water lilies in the Caucasian Spas Region (Nikitina Alina from Pyatigorsk has about 30 different colors), and the prospects of cowpeas in the Stavropol region, and extraordinary approaches to the cultivation of zucchini and many others - aroused interest and participants and members of the jury. I especially want to mention the bold creative idea and its practical implementation of the young naturalists studying the city of Pyatigorsk Anosova E., who vaccinated watermelon on seedlings of lagenaria. The operation was successful, which was confirmed by numerous photos of the observation diary, as a result, fruits with larger sizes were characterized than the variety is characterized by, they have better keeping quality, their taste is preserved for a longer period, and during the growing season the plant was not affected by diseases.

Olga Lobankova also conducted a methodological consultation for the participants of the conference and the heads of their work on the planning, formulation and execution of research works, the design of reports, herbaria, presentations.

Winners of nominations are recommended for participation in the All-Russian Olympiads "Young Naturalist" and "Constellation". 

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