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Open Lecture by Priest Anthony


Today at the accounting and financial faculty of Stavropol State Agrarian University there was an open lecture on the topic: “Church and Science: Points of Contact” by priest Anthony Skrynnikov, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor at the Department of Humanitarian Disciplines of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia. The event was organized for students of 2 and 3 courses of the department "Economic analysis and audit."

Man is inseparable from science and religion throughout its existence. Father Anthony drew the attention of students to the fact that religion became the primary source of human study of the laws of the universe, but at the same time, church and science are on a common path of development. You need to know that these are two complementary ways that can help us fully understand the world in which we exist. Therefore, we do not need to choose between science and religion. Natural sciences can reveal the laws of the physical world and contribute to the development of technologies that will create for us a high level of material well-being. However, science needs moral values ​​that originate in religion in order to be guided by them in their own activities and to make responsible use of scientific knowledge for the benefit and not to the detriment of humanity. As Albert Einstein said: "Science without religion is flawed, religion without science is blind."

The lecture was held in an interesting dialogue form, the students during the presentation asked a large number of questions related to the current development of science and religion in the 21st century. 

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