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SSAU will train city-farmers on Russian [city] Farms installations


Stavropol State Agrarian University and Stavropol Regional Branch of the Russian Union of Rural Youth (RURU), implementing a project for the development of educational facilities for growing plants and fish using hydro, air and aquaponics technologies, recently signed an agreement in which SSAU will receive three Russian [city] Farms installations, as well as a set of methodological materials for teaching students the technologies of city-farming.

The usefulness of such a project is expressed in a practical approach to the study of the automation of equipment of progressive plant growing and fish farming, as well as feeding and fertilization for intensive plant and fish growth. Students will be able to observe the natural processes of vegetation and growth of fish at laboratory and practical classes at the university, which is much more convenient than field conditions.

- The settings will be small in size, we also try to make them modular so that students can collect and adjust their work by themselves. Our task is to create the most inexpensive facilities, so that higher education institutions can use them without any difficulties, "said the chairman of Stavropol branch of the RURU, Ph.D. Igor Devedorkin.

The development and creation of hydro, aerial and aquaponic plants is carried out at the expense of the Presidential Grants Fund within the project "Constructors for the development of city farming competencies carried out by Stavropol Regional Office of the Russian Union of Rural Youth".

In future, it is planned to produce similar facilities for the mass consumer, which will allow everyone who wants to grow vegetables, for example, salad and tomatoes, at home all year round.


City-farming is a global trend in the technological development of agricultural production, which accumulates AgTech's advanced technologies in the context of the transition of agriculture to Industry 4.0. This is a new direction combining agro- and aquaculture technologies, advanced engineering and information technology solutions, as well as new business models in order to provide residents of future cities with food products and make it more efficient than traditional agriculture. "City-farming" is included in the Atlas of the new professions of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, but so far in Russia there is no wide practical base for the development of this competence. Ready-made solutions on the market are very expensive or "protected" from the change, they can not be "done by yourself", and therefore one cannot understand the logic of the relationship of processes, i.e. effectively learn the technology. Constructors for the development of the competence of city-farming Russian [city] Farms, on the contrary, have an "open architecture", they are simple, economical and, at the same time, functional and productive. 

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