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Pushkin's Day was celebrated at Agrarian University


On the eve of Pushkin's Day of Russia, the Day of the Russian Language at the preparatory department of the Institute of Further Education of the Stavropol State Agrarian University, the teachers of the Russian language as a foreign language and specialists of the preparatory department organized a literary contest of readers on the works of Alexander Pushkin.

The event was prepared especially for foreign citizens studying in the walls of our university, in order to better acquaint them with the legacy of the "sun of Russian poetry".

Foreign students with excitement and inspiration read the works of the great poet for the first time in their lives. There were poems "I loved you", "I remember a wonderful moment", "Poet" and others.

There were no winners in the competition, because for those who participated in the event, this is already a small victory over oneself: to read poems in a non-native language.

At the end of the competition, the jury awarded sweet presents to all participants, and the best three readers also received souvenirs. The best are: Kherber Ali (Syria), Hamidi Abdoll Matin (Afghanistan), Hasan Jafar (Syria).

All participants of the competition expressed their desire to make this event traditional, and read works of not only Pushkin, but also other remarkable Russian authors. 

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