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In SSAU a series of binary lectures on taxation began


In SSAU a training course on taxation has started for students of the Accounting and Finance Faculty for the major "Economic Security". The events are held in cooperation with the Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Stavropol Territory.

The cognitive interactive course is organized by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Department of Financial Management and Banking Elena Lapina with the aim of more fully immersing students in the subject "Taxes and Taxation". The educational program of our University assumes quite active cooperation with possible future employers, experts in various fields, which facilitates practical acquaintance with the profession.

The first lecture for students with a general theme on the main directions of the tax authorities was conducted by Marianna Frolova, Deputy Head of the Department for work with taxpayers of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Stavropol Territory. For the listeners, a material was prepared on the main directions of the department's activities, the specifics of the work, achievements and difficulties. The greatest interest was caused by the work of the control unit. Software complexes and analytical component are of undoubted interest for future tax specialists.

Within the framework of the lectures, a brief review of violations of tax legislation was made. Currently, the main focus in the work of the fiscal service has shifted to the incentive of taxpayers to abandon schemes of evasion. Now actively developing tools aimed at the voluntary implementation of their tax obligations, this is the most effective way for the budget to collect taxes.

In addition, Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for Stavropol Territory, Elena Bogomolova made a lection for students. The main topic of the conversation was the control and licensing functions of the tax authorities, as the most revealing for the profession of a tax inspector.

As Elena Nikolaevna noted, one of the main directions of the tax service is the provision of comfortable conditions for the fulfillment by taxpayers of their duties. Therefore, work with the public and business is built in accordance with the principle of customer-oriented. During the lecture, the functional of control units, methods of collecting evidence for conducting control activities, issues of internal audit of tax authorities and taking measures to prevent misdemeanors were reviewed.

The interaction of the Office with the University is conducted in various directions. A cooperation agreement has been signed, according to which the specialists of the tax authorities, in addition to conducting lectures, can act as experts and members of examination commissions. Management and inspection organize practice for students and take graduates to work. By the way, Elena Bogomolova is a graduate of SSAU in the past.

Later in SSAU will be held lectures on the organization and conduct of field and desk inspections, tax violations and liability for them. 

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