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The history of Stavropol is created by successful women - bright as spring itself!


On the eve of the International Women's Day, the names of the most active ladies participating in the jubilee XX competition "Woman of the Year in Stavropol" became known. Following the results of 2017 the best Stavropol women are: Elena Ostapenko (a lecturer of the Agrarian University), Ekaterina Svetlichnaya (a master student) and Anastasia Mytsyk (a student).

For the 20th time, one of the most beloved city competitions was summed up. Stavropol residents participate in it, having already a substantial arsenal of their own achievements that have contributed to improving life in the regional capital.

For participation in the competition applications were selected within two months - January and February, and there were 68 in all! So many contestants wanted to prove that they are the best in one of three nominations: "Business woman", "Woman as a keeper of the family hearth" and "Successful youth".

“How many rewards, achievements, success and beauty!” - Vladimir Vladimirov, the Governor of the Stavropol Territory, enthusiastically welcomed the contestants who arrived at the solemn ceremony. He wished them "victory and more flowers on March 8!".

From the stage of the Stavropol Palace of Culture and Sports the beautiful ladies were also addressed by Andrey Dzhatdoev, the head of the Stavropol administration:

- Looking at the contestant, I realized that you need to have the courage to participate in the contest, not to be afraid. You are really great! I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the coming holiday! We are proud of you!

This year Stavropol State Agrarian University put forward the largest number of nominees. 10 talented, beautiful, intelligent representatives of the fair sex who took part in the prestigious competition, successfully study and work in one of the best agrarian universities in the country. And each one is worthy of the laurels of the winner!

Among them there are Deputy Dean for scientific work of the Faculty of Socio-Cultural Service and Tourism of SSAU, PhD in Economics Anna Ivolga and Senior Lecturer of the Department of Therapy and Pharmacology of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Olga Sevostyanova (nomination "Business Woman"); Associate Professor of the Department of Management, PhD in Economics and mother of three children Inna Semko (nomination "Woman as a keeper of the family hearth").

Among the candidates for the nomination "Successful Youth" there were Elena Khomutova, a student of the Faculty of Economics, grant holder of the North Caucasus Forum "Mashuk-2017"; Sophia Osipova, a student of the Accounting and Finance Department, winner of the regional stage of the "Student of the Year - 2017" competition; Alexandra Voroshilova, a student of the Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture, winner of the VII Interregional competition of scientific works "BayStady - 2017"; Yana Nikonova, a student of the accounting and financial department, winner of the All-Russian intellectual game "A Beginner Farmer", a registered scholarship holder of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Ovations, compliments, flowers were awarded to all participants of the celebration. But the competition is a contest, and even in the most unforgettable spring competition you need to identify your leaders. Nevertheless, the jury admitted that the choice was complicated.

As a result, the title of laureate of the contest nomination "Business Woman" was awarded to Deputy Dean of the Accounting and Finance Department of the Stavropol State Agrarian University, PhD in Economics, assistant professor Elena Ostapenko, who received congratulations from the Deputy Chairman of the Duma of the Stavropol Territory, Dmitry Sudavtsov, and heads of administrations of three districts of Stavropol.

Special certificates from the State Duma of the Russian Federation to the winners of the nomination "Successful Youth" were presented to a Master of Accounting and Finance Faculty of SSAU, Leading Specialist of the Department of Budgeting in the Freight Forwarding Company "GLT" Ekaterina Svetlichnaya and the 4th year student of the Electric Power Department Anastasia Mytsyk. They were awarded by the Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economics, Honored Professor of NCFU Alexander Ishchenko.

By the way, a representative of SSAU also participated in the concert program in honor of charming contestants. It was Svetlana Sevastyanova,a magnificent singer, a master of the Economic Department of the Agrarian University who won this contest in 2016. That victory opened the way to a professional scene for her ... The concert was also participated by a creative team of the Agrarian University - the show ballet "Stylish Things"

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