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Fundamentals of anesthesiology and a modern approach to anesthesia of small domestic animals

A seminar for students and veterinarians organized by Nestle-PURINA in the framework of Purina Partners educational program was held at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of SSAU.
The program, launched in 2018, foresees the holding of conferences and seminars for veterinarians in 19 largest cities of Russia. As a world expert in the nutrition of domestic animals and veterinary medicine, Nestle Purina seeks to implement and support projects aimed at developing the veterinary profession in Russia and sharing knowledge and experience among specialists.
The event, which took place on March 2, was devoted to the actual topic in veterinary medicine - the basics of anesthesiology and the modern approach to anesthesia of small domestic animals, and provided for the speech of the authoritative lecturer Snezhana Georgievna Atanasova.
An experienced anesthesiologist-resuscitator, the head of the surgical department and intensive care unit of the NVC "My Doctor" S.G. Atanasova had a lot to share with the audience. Over the past few years, Snezhana Georgievna has been trained in the UK, Germany and Israel. Since 2015, she is a lecturer in the joint project "Anesthesiology - from simple to complex", organized by the Innovative Veterinary Center of the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skryabin and the network of clinics "My Doctor". Within the framework of the seminar, both general principles of anesthesia and its features for different categories of animals with different pathologies were considered. At the end of the seminar, a question and answer session was held, each participant was given a certificate.

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