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Access is available!

Stavropol State Agrarian University has been granted access to the electronic scientific resources of SpringerNature.
The world's largest publisher of scientific books and influential journals, the pioneer in open research SpringerNature provides access to full coverage of data on science, technology, and medicine, social and human sciences. Now the following resources will be available for researchers, students, teachers of the Stavropol State Agrarian University - users of the Scientific Library of SSAU:
1) Springer Link platform, covering more than 3 thousand Springer journals 1997-2018, more than 40 thousand Springer e-books 2005-2010. (including monographs, reference books and conference proceedings)
2) The Nature platform - 88 natural science journals (including the oldest and one of the most authoritative scientific journals Nature)
3) The SpringerMaterials database is the most complete database describing properties and characteristics of materials; accumulates information from disciplines: materials science, physics, physical and inorganic chemistry, engineering, etc.
4) The SpringerProtocols database is an invaluable resource for modern research laboratories. The largest database of reproducible laboratory protocols (over 40,000) provides access to reliable and verified data accumulated over the past 30 years
5) The zbMath database is the most complete mathematical database covering materials from the end of the 19th century. Contains about 4 million documents from more than 3 thousand journals and 170 thousand books on mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering, physics, natural sciences, etc.
6) The Nano database is a unique resource that provides data on more than 200 thousand nanomaterials and nanodevices collected from the most authoritative scientific publications

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