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A new laboratory was opened at the Electric Power Department of the Stavropol State Agrarian University


The laboratory "High Voltage Engineering" was put into operation as part of the implementation of measures to transform the Stavropol State Agrarian University into the University Center for Innovative and Technological Development of the Stavropol Territory.

The laboratory "High Voltage Engineering" was headed by Sergey Sergeevich Yastrebov, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical Supply and Operation of Electrical Equipment of SSAU, who explained that the new structural unit will become a base for implementing student technical projects.

The laboratory is equipped with modern specialized equipment, including the device for testing dielectrics AID-70V. It is designed to test the electrical strength of insulation of high-voltage power cables, various electrical insulating materials, as well as devices operating as part of high voltage electrical installations. With the help of an insulation resistance meter - the MIC-2500 meggerometer, students will learn to directly measure insulation resistance of cable lines, wires, windings of transformers, motors, other electrical and telecommunications installations.

The laboratory equipment has already been used to carry out high-voltage tests of protection equipment, insulation of electrical equipment with increased alternating voltage of industrial frequency and rectified voltage. It will be used as much as possible during the practice-oriented classes in the disciplines "Electrotechnical Materials Science", "High Voltage Engineering" by students in the field of training "Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering" (profile "Power Supply").

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