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Life of kids should be happier!


Pupils of the sponsored children's home "Friendship" in Stavropol with the coming New Year, 2018 were congratulated by students and teachers of the Faculty of Economics of the Stavropol State Agrarian University.

Traditionally, on the eve of the New Year holidays, students and teachers of the Economics Faculty visited the orphanage "Friendship", where they conducted a volunteer action "Give joy to children".

The students of the Stavropol State University came not only to congratulate the students on the coming New Year, but also to present the joy of communication. They played with the kids, drove rounds, and Father Frost listened to the poems that the kids prepared specifically for meeting him and, of course, gave presents.

With the advent of the Grandfather Frost's children's home, the Snow Maiden and their assistants, a special fairy-tale atmosphere reigned. The children's eyes were shining, and the smiles did not leave their faces throughout the holiday.

- The life of the kids should be happier, and we are happy to help them in this. It's a good deed! - students consider.

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