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Important for the future profession


As one of the stages of the budgetary process passes, the students of the Accounting and Finance Department of the State Agrarian University learned at the public hearings on the draft budget on November 9.

The practical part is an important element of learning. In the course of studying the course "Finance" under the guidance of the head of the Department of Finance, Credit and Insurance, I.I. Glotova and Associate Professor E.P. Tomilina, students of the training field 38.03.01 "Economics" (profile "Finance and Credit" and "Accounting, analysis and audit ") attended public hearings on the draft budget of Stavropol Territory for 2018 and for the planning period 2019-2020.

The event was attended by deputies of the regional parliament, representatives of the regional government, control bodies, regional ministries and federal agencies, municipalities and public organizations.

Yury Bely, head of the regional parliament's committee on budget, taxes and financial and credit policy, who presided over the hearings, said that the event to discuss the draft of the main financial document of the year was held for the first time so large and resulted in statistics that over 1,000 people gathered in the hall of the Stavropol Palace of Culture and Sports.

With a salutatory word, the first deputy chairman of the Duma of Stavropol Territory, Dmitry Sudavtsov, addressed the audience. In his speech, he noted that in 2018 the budget of Stavropol Territory will be surplus. The volume of revenues in the amount of 94.6 billion rubles will exceed the volume of expenditures by more than one billion rubles. The deputy also said that, in comparison with the budget of 2017, the revenue part of the regional treasury grew due to tax revenues and the volume of intergovernmental transfers. An increase in the revenues of the regional budget will significantly reduce the state debt of Stavropol Territory.

The main points of the draft budget law in her report were presented by the Deputy Chairman of the Krai Government, Finance Minister Larisa Kalinchenko. She informed the audience about the main parameters and principles of the formation of the Treasury of the next year, which, in fact, is a reflection of the current state policy.

Summarizing the results of the hearings, Yuri Bely said that all the proposals sounded in the speeches will be generalized and used in the adoption of Stavropol budget. Until the end of the month the main financial document of the region is to be discussed in the committees of the regional Duma. 

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