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Fundamentals of entrepreneurship are necessary for all


As a result of the graduate championship "Young Professionals" (WorldSkills Russia), under the competence "Entrepreneurship" for students of the Faculty of Economics, a master class "Learning Entrepreneurship" was held, where the participants' achievements were demonstrated, the results of the work were summed up and future plans were outlined.

Students of the Faculty of Economics ("World Economy") Svetlana Beketova and Anna Petrovskaya became leaders of the intra-university championship "Young Professionals" (WorldSkills Russia) in the competence "Entrepreneurship". The key to their victory can be considered not only acquired skills in the process of developing business projects, but also the ability to use technology to promote goods and services to the market, as well as the ability to present your own product in English. The enthusiasm for the idea, the oratorical skills, and the creativity of the girls inspired many students to participate in similar championships and other competitions on entrepreneurship and business planning.

An important lesson of the last championship was the conclusion that it is necessary to conduct a more extensive preliminary work on mastering the basics of doing business at all faculties. In the opinion of teachers, special attention should be given to the preparation and organization of competitive selection of creative, initiative students with knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, the skills of using information technology, searching for market information, who are proficient in oratory and knowledge of foreign languages.

Such an approach will help students-agrarians not only win in various competitions and championships, but also gain self-confidence, which is extremely important for the further self-realization of university graduates after graduation at the university. 

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