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Life insurance as a guarantee of successful future


4th year students of the Faculty of Accounting and Finance took part in a business game.

The event was organized by the staff of the Department of “Finance, credit and insurance” of SSAU with the assistance of Lubov Stetsyuk, «Metlife» financial advisor.

The issue of life insurance is widely discussed in the society, so students could discuss all its advantages and disadvantage as well as to make decision on its importance by themselves.

At the first step all the participants landed roles: moderator, advisor, two family teams. Associate professors of the Department I.Glotova, E.Tomilina, O.Uglitskikh, Yu.Klishina acted as a jury.

Each team got tasks consisted of several stages. In the first round included questions concerning basic insurance terms and legal documents. The students showed a high level of knowledge. The second stage was organized as an individual contest. Students were invited to make a reasoned judgment about the most preferred life insurance program. The task of the third round was to imagine how they would behave in case of natural disaster. According to the game conditions one of the families had life insurance.

After the game of the team, not only judge the jury as well as the viewers asked questions. As a result, the jury noted good level of knowledge and as well as innovative format of the event. Both teams could show their extensive knowledge and ability to express their professional opinion.

Conducting classes in the form of an interactive business game helps to make it more interesting and entertaining. Game organizes and supports all intellectual efforts of students, solves the complex problem of assimilation of new, consolidate the material, the development of creative abilities of students, formation of professional competence. It allows students to better understand and learn the course material from different perspectives. 

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