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SSAU's participation in International Winter conference of direct seeding association


Sergei Korostylev, Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences, associate professor of the Department of agricultural chemistry and plant physiology took part in the most important direct seeding event.

International "Winter Conference of Direct Seeding Association" was held on February 2nd-3rd in Rostov-on-Don. The event brought together more than 350 participants from 20 regions of Russia and seven countries of the world, as well as experts from 13 relevant scientific and educational research institutions.

The Conference of the Association attracted experts of direct seeding from the US, Sweden, Argentina, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. Rick Bieber, a farmer, director of No-Till on the Plains» Association, an expert of direct seeding development from South Dakota, USA, told the participants about his 10-year experience of direct seeding technology application, about the reasons of change-over to no-till and the results obtained as well as about the ways of the most safe change-over to no-till.

Zinaida Kolotilina, an honored Russian agronomist (Moscow), told about the peculiarities of plant protection products during the transition from traditional technologies to direct seeding methods . Agronomist Luis Enrique Telke, FAO member, from Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) reported on the status of direct sowing in her country, focusing on the role of cover crops in increasing yield of commercial crops. 

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