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Valentine's Day at Stavropol SAU


First-year students of the Faculty of accounting and finance, the Faculty of Agrobiology and land resources, ecology and landscape architecture, as well as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and technological management wanted to organize the most romantic and extraordinary show "Love at the first sight". And they managed to do it!

When participating in that intense competition students shared their concept of love and what traits they appreciate in others. Couples had to demonstrate their unusual gifts, answer tricky questions usind logic and attentiveness. The main prize was romantic dinner in one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

The winners of the event are Nikita Myagkov (Faculty of Agrobiology and Land Resources) and Alexandra Gracheva (Faculty of Technological Management). The rest couples were also awarded in various nominations. Freshmen from the Faculty of Accounting and Finance Elena Demina and Dmitry Tsakulov appeared to be the most stylish couple. Elizaveta Frolova (the Faculty of Accounting and Finance) and Gomich Aristarkh (the Faculty of Agrobiology and Land Resources) were the most charming couple, and Michail Iosifov (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) and Anna Kolesnikova (the Faculty of Ecology and Landscaping) were the most artistic couple.

Thanks to all the students for their participation!  

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