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News of Teacher Olympics


Table tennis tournament held on February 13th has continued the 17th Teacher Olympics at SSAU.

In the overall ranking looks in the following way:

- 1st place - the Faculty of Economics;

- 2nd place - the Faculty of Accounting and Finance;

- 3rd place - the team of the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Technology Management.

4th, 5th and 6th place were taken by the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Agrobiology and Land resources, Ecology and Landscape architecture and Electric Power Supply correspondingly.

The leaders of the individual event are: E.I. Gromov (Faculty of Accounting and Finance); D.N. Rezenkov (Faculty of Economics), S.N. Antonov (Faculty of Electric Power Supply).

The leaders of the individual event among women are: A.N. Ermakova (Faculty of Economics); E.V. Svetlakova (Faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Technology Management) and L.I. Yakovleva (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering).

The 17thTeacher Olympics at Agrarian University is under way! 

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