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Student Football League of SSAU brought together over 100 people


The 5th and 6th rounds of football competitions were held on February 11th.

Student Football League of Agrarian University has existed since November 2016. Every Saturday, students of Stavropol State Agrarian University choose sport and active lifestyle over passive rest.

The past football matches, where 10 teams played, were spectacular and exciting. Among the outstanding players is Mikhail Zhukovsky, "Aston Villa" player, who made 3 goals in the 5th round. Vladimir Kalinichenko, "Profkom" team player, scored five goals! Ibrahim Muslim from the same team scored four goals. Artem Sahakyan from "Inter" team made 4 goals as well as Vladislav Lukorin from "Phoenix" team.

In the 6th round the best players proved to be Podoprigora from "Force Majeure", Chistyakov from "Fantazyory" team, Anastasov from "Economic security" team, Kudryashov from "Profkom" team and Lukonin from "Phoenix." The most accurate player in the 6th round Murtazaliyev was Ali Murtazaliev, who scored six goals! 

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