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Agribusiness and agricultural universities must interact effectively


On the 10th February, 2017 in Stavropol State Agrarian University a scientific-practical seminar "Practical implementation of comprehensive set of measures on creation and introduction of competitive domestic technologies in agro-industrial complex of the South of Russia" was held.

The event was attended by Vitaly Voloschenko, director of scientific and technological policy of the Department of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences; Nikolai T. Velikdan, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Stavropol Territory; Vladimir I. Trukhachev , Rector of Stavropol State Agrarian University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Victor H. Temiraev , Rector of Gorsky State Agrarian University, Professor,; Aslan K. Apazhev, Rector of Kabardino-Balkarian State Agricultural University named after V.M. Kokov; Marina Selionova, Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of sheep and goat breeding; Valery Kulintsev, director of Stavropol Agricultural Research Institute of Russia; heads of agricultural enterprises of the region, as well as a branch of OOO "Rossgosstrakh" in the Stavropol Territory and Stavropol branch of “Rosselkhozbank.”

The seminar was opened by Vitaly Voloschenko, Director of the Department of scientific and technological policy and formation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences. He outlined the main issue on the agenda of the seminar - on the effectiveness of interaction between educational institutions and the agricultural business community for the further progressive development of the production field.

Head of the Department said: "Staffing is now one of the key components of production efficiency both a separate agro-industrial organization, and the entire sectors of agribusiness," and urged the audience to a frank discussion on the issues related to the training of experts for the agrarian sector and the ways of their solution. Vitaly Voloschenko said: "Agribusiness of Russia gains momentum and becomes a real engine of the national economy. We got a record grain harvest for the past 25 years; it allows Russia firmly occupy the conquered leadership position as the largest exporter of wheat in the world market. For further progressive development of the production sphere we require experts with a new set of competencies.”

According to V.S. Voloschenko, to date the place of Master's Degree Students and graduate students in the structure of agricultural enterprises is not precisely defined. And although the formal process of transition to a multi-level training was completed, the question of content of educational programs of the first and the second level is debatable. Professional standards could bring some clarity to this issue, but they are not developed in all areas and levels of qualifications. A professional standards approved by Russian Ministry of Labor require clarification.

In the speech, V.S. Voloschenko emphasized the Federal Education Law in the Russian Federation, where great attention is given to the role of employers, which include representatives of the agricultural business. Director of the Department drew attention to the fact that the normative legal documents of the Russian Ministry defined the duty of educational institutions to involve representatives of the agricultural business to participate in the learning process, practical training, and graduates assessment.

Summarizing all the above, V.S. Voloschenko stressed the need and usefulness of such meetings for the formation of a new level relations between the representatives of the agricultural business and agricultural collectives of educational institutions. "All this should ultimately have a positive impact on the quality of training for agriculture," - said the head of department.

In his speech, Nicholay T. Velikdan expressed the wish to resume appropriate curricular practical training of students - the future agrarians - on the farms. According to Nicolay T. Velikdan, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Stavropol Territory, "Today business requires skilled specialists, which can work in any agribusiness segment.” And there should be no the gap between science, production and agricultural universities. "

Next, the participants discussed how to reach a new level of relations between agrarian collectives of educational institutions and representatives of the agricultural business, so that the quality of training for agriculture is in line with the challenges of time, and a set of competencies of graduates fully satisfies the employers.

Thus, Vladimir Trukhachev, rector of Stavropol State Agrarian University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, informed about the trends and prospects of agricultural universities and agricultural enterprises cooperation in the field of improving the training of highly qualified personnel for the Russian agriculture. The SSAU rector posed a question on the necessity of serious involvement of specialists of agricultural enterprises in the educational process, including the assessment of the quality of students’ training. V.I. Trukhachev has initiated the development and approval at the legislative level, the legal and regulatory framework for governing the interaction of agricultural universities and enterprises in the field of training for agriculture, where will be clearly spelled out the obligations and responsibilities of both parties.

- Improvement of the interaction mechanism of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the distribution of admission quotas in agricultural universities;

- Incorporation of professional standards requirements in the actualization of the FSES of higher education;

- The preservation and development of land and property complexes of agricultural universities, necessary for the implementation of practice-oriented training on relevant areas of training for agriculture;

- Improving the system of targeted intensive training of students of agricultural universities.

As the chairman of the Council of Rectors of Agricultural Universities of Russia V.I. Trukhachev, advocates the development and implementation of support system for young professionals in agribusiness. He also emphases the need for developing measures of the social responsibility of agribusiness. Among the initiatives of the Stavropol State Agrarian University team the following: getting a status of "agricultural producer" by higher education institutions that have in their structure educational and experimental farms, as well as joining research institutions of FASO with agrarian orientation to agricultural universities of the Russian Federation.

Gregory F. Dontsov, Chief executive officer LTD OPH "Luch" made a report on "Staffing issues in seed farming." While agreeing that the intensive modernization of the economy, introduction of fundamentally new technological methods of production affect the agrarian-graduate training, Gregory Fedorovich considers that the tendency to "personnel shortage" does not change dramatically, but it’s better now. He expressed readiness to participate in the practical training of future farmers and cooperative endeavor with Stavropol State Agrarian University. New comfortable hostel for 50 trainees which was recently built in Padinskoe will facilitate the work.

Igor G. Serdyukov, chairman of the SEC "Plemzavod “Vtoraya Pyatiletka" of Ipatovsky district,the Stavropol Territory, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, stated his vision of the relationship between science, business and education in the livestock industry. The Head of enterprise welcomes visiting classes on staff workers retraining, conducted by the teachers of SSAU; he considers introduction of the students to the profession during "hot" harvesting, lambing sheep and other agricultural companies very important. "We need to learn to respect the work of farmers. Yes, wage for rural workers is important, but not limited to. We must not forget about the Homeland! "- These patriotic words in the past Agrarian University graduate, now a successful manager I.G. Serdyukov, voiced attitude of the participants.

Later the topic of employers’ interaction with institutions of higher education, including scholarship programs, was picked up by another graduate of Stavropol Agricultural University - Director of OAO "Habezsky gypsum plant" Oleg Ab. Argunov. He believes that the foundation of SSAU knowledge gives good result, but there is a gap between theory and practical skills. O.A. Argunov, referred to international experience, where after three months training in high school, the student is practiced the same time at work; O.A. Argunov urged the leaders of agricultural enterprises “to open their doors to students, teachers, farmers, graduates." As his duty Oleg Abubekirovich considers job creation in Karachay-Cherkessia that he was not the first time puts into practice.

The theme of the report of the doctor of agricultural sciences Nikolaiy Ivanovich Zaitsev, who has been the head of Armavir Experimental Station of All-Russian Research Institute of oilseeds n.a. V.S. Pustovoyt, is "Actual problems of selection and its recruitment support." Nikolay Ivanovich initially shared the agricultural enterprise experience in manufacturing multiplication of sunflower seed of higher reproductions, he said what is necessary to speed up the breeding process in national institutions, and then proposed the establishment of the Department of Seed of SSAU based on Armavir Experimental Station.

During the meeting, on behalf of employers of Kabardino-Balkaria, Ruslan R. Dzheynikov, a young businessman, Manager of "Zolsky potatoes", made a speech; he spoke about the development of seed potato.

On the challenges faced by all universities and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation that affect the quality of graduates training of, spoke the rector of Gorsky State Agrarian University, Victor Hamitsevich Temiraev. Ways to solve the problems related to training for agribusiness in the region and in the country were shown by the Rector of Kabardino-Balkarian State Agricultural University n. a. V.M. Kokov, Aslan K. Apazhev. He proposed to unify the curricula and programs of agricultural universities, which are currently not fully met the requirements of employers.

During the discussion, Director of the Department of scientific and technological policy and education, Vitaly Voloschenko, noted that the rectors of agricultural universities of NCFD should come up with concrete proposals of increasing the number of researchers, released from the educational process, for successfully research, aimed at the implementation of the Decree of the President of Russia № 350, dated 21 July 2016. We also should submit proposals on the transfer mechanism of educational and experimental universities farms in the status of "agricultural producers".

Department of scientific and technological policy and education, in its turn, will consider, together with Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations the research opportunity involving universities subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. We should also find an opportunity of additional funding for educational and research activities of agricultural universities at the expense of the State program of agricultural development and regulation of agricultural products, raw materials and food for 2013-2020.

To begin the implementation of the most important initiative proposed during the discussion, participants of the scientific-practical seminar agreed to work out a resolution and protocol of specific instructions.

At the end of the seminar Vladimir Ivanovich Trukhachev, Rector of Stavropol State Agrarian University, Academician fulfilled a pleasant mission, congratulated the heads of the three major agricultural regions, in the past graduates of the Agrarian University, being awarded the title of "Professor Emeritus of Stavropol State Agrarian University." Scarlet mantle of honorary professors of native alma mater was put on outstanding farmers of Southern Russia - OOO "Luch" Gregory F. Dontsov, chairman of APC «Plemzavod «Vtoraya Pyatiletka» Igor G. Serdyukov and General Director of OOO"Habez gypsum plant" Oleg Ab. Argunov. 

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