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Teachers, graduate students and students of Stavropol State Agrarian University took part in the international training by MSUFA-ARBI


On the 3rd February international training for young entrepreneurs, managers of business incubators and techno parks was held by MSUFA-Arbi in the Business Incubator of Institute of Economics and Management in Pyatigorsk

Training was held by the Fund for Innovation and Business Incubator Development and business of MSUFA and the Association of Regional Business Incubators (ARBI). The event was held with the participation of international experts in the field of small business development, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of the United Kingdom and Stavropol regional public organization "Russian Union of Youth."

The main objective of the training of international level - to identify and support talented, interested in the business youth through the development of intellectual and creative potential of young entrepreneurs, drawing attention of scientists and specialists of innovation centers, and industry leaders to youth innovation projects.

Speakers of the event were: Tom Strodbek, director of the European and Asian partnership «Global Accelerator Network CEO»; Olga Hotyasheva, Ph.D., assistant professor of management and marketing MSUFA of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Director of the Development Fund for Innovation and Business Inkubators, Director of CNS "Business Incubator" MSUFA; Max Slesarev, CEO of Creative Agency " Myataya lisitsa"; Lynn Robertson, director of the Business Incubator in Liverpool, Santander 1F Corporate & Commercial.

Delegation of Stavropol State University participated in international training consisting of: Senior Lecturer in Business and the World of Economy of Faculty of Economics, D.B Sidorova.; assistant of Department of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Metrology of Electrification Faculty T.S Fedoseyeva; Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, Accounting and Finance Department, A. A .Yanovsky; candidate of agricultural sciences, senior lecturer in animal nutrition and general biology T.C; Aleksandrova T. C.; a graduate A.A. Kanibolotskaya (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), a graduate E.V. Kolesnikova (Agrobiology and Land Resources Department); a graduate L.A .Mikhno (Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture), a student of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization D.I. Grabelnikova and a student of Faculty of electrification in Agriculture S.A . Pivovarova. As part of the training the latest macro and mikro trends in marketing were considered, relevant instruments of innovative projects promotion of on the Internet were studied. Following the meeting, all participants received MSUFA-ARBI international certificates. 

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