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Administrative part and capital construction

Administrative part and capital construction

Administrative part of the University consists of engineering technicians, workers, managers of student hostels, the commandants of training facilities and maintenance personnel.

Much work lies with the construction crew: plasterers, painters, plumbers, electricians. They produce a permanent repair in all buildings and facilities of the University. The team is led by master A.I. Savchenko, engineer S.A. Fomenko, foreman B.A. Mardaliev.

Currently the main building of the university and dormitories in Stavropol ere build, it is controlled by an engineer on technical supervision of capital construction G.M. Samarin.

In 2007, the reconstruction of the sports complex and the laboratories of the University Agronomy Department were completed.

In 2008, vivarium of the Faculty of Technology Management was set in operation.

In 2009, the reconstruction and modernization of the Regional Center of Veterinary Medicine was completed, teaching laboratory building and the two teaching and research greenhouses were set in operation.